Bursa - The Ultimate Guide

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We set out on the road as two lovers of Bursa. It is a very long road... Our first steps follow the traces left by 7000 years of history. As we explore layer by layer of history we receive greetings from civilisations past and bring them to you on our pages. We tell the story of the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire in light of the heritage bequeathed upon it.

Take a look at Bursa through our eyes to see the cultural fabric that respectfully blends different beliefs villages that will allow you to travel through time incredible glazed tiles centuries-old sycamore trees museums filled with treasures colourful inns delicious cuisine and all of the stories they carry within.

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Basım Yılı2021
Cilt DurumuKarton Kapak
Ebat11,5 x 21,5
Kağıt TürüKuşe Kağıt
Sayfa Sayısı206
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